Temporary Event Power Distribution & Cabling

We stock a wide range of temporary power distribution equipment, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, for connection to either an installed mains supply or a generator.   Single phase and three phase temporary distribution boards with HO7RN-F rubber cable, terminated with IP67 or IP44 rated ceeform connectors.


For your outdoor event, marquee or exhibition space, we can provide power sockets exactly where you require them, for caterers, entertainers and stallholders to set up and ply their trades. 


If there is no suitable mains supply available at your event, we can either bring along a small 'ultra silent' generator (6kVA example shown, below left) to power the PA/AV systems and other light use, or where more power is required for other activities, we can arrange suitable larger generator hire delivered direct to site (70kVA example shown, below right). All our generators are diesel fueled and have AVR (automatic voltage regulation), making them suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment. This feature is not found on small petrol "hire shop" generators, nor on sets designed for construction site applications... which is why not all generators are equal! ...and many are not suitable for events use.


Our technicians are heavily focused on Health & Safety and high visibility heavy duty cable ramps (shown below) are provided where it is necessary for cables to cross vehicular routes.

We can assist in all your event power distribution requirements and produce detailed calculations and load balancing diagrams to optimise available supply to anticipated demand.


We regularly provide power distribution equipment and services for events throughout the following counties: Bedfordshire (Beds), Berkshire (Berks), Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Dorset, East Sussex (E Sussex), Essex, Gloucestershire (Glos), Hampshire (Hants), Herefordshire, Hertfordshire (Herts), Kent, Leicestershire (Leics), London, Middlesex (Middx), Norfolk, Northamptonshire (Northants), Nottinghamshire (Notts), Oxfordshire (Oxon), Shropshire (Salop), Somerset, Staffordshire (Staffs), Suffolk, Surrey, Warwickshire (Warks), West Midlands (W Mids), West Sussex (W Sussex), Wiltshire (Wilts), Worcestershire (Worcs).

We provide power distribution equipment and services for events further afield when requested, including into mainland Europe.