Public Fireworks Display - PA Sound Hire & Generator Hire

Our client's brief was to provide a high quality public address system along a 250m stretch of main road, being closed to traffic, for a Public Fireworks Display, the Saturday prior to Bonfire Night. The system was for music playback and general announcements, with a wired link from the fireworks control point some 120m away in an adjacent field, to provide music synchronised with the display.

We carried out a site visit several weeks before the event, to get a feel for the layout and establish where to position our control van, containing the electronics and the various speaker positionings required to achieve an even coverage along the 250m public area. Shown below is the view from the technician's seat, inside the control van.

We deployed d&b audiotechnik Q7, QSUB and E8 loudspeakers powered by D12 amplification, with channel 38 Trantec UHF equipment.   Heavy duty Powerdrive winch stands were used to support the Q7s and E8s, which were optimally positioned to maximise sound coverage.   For indoor systems we usually mount Q7s over QSUBs, however the Powerdrive stands were used for this outdoor event for their added stability and to get the Q7s up nice and high.

The weather wasn't as kind as we'd hoped for, however by no means did this deter the crowds, with a turnout of thousands of people of all ages, cheering as the fireworks lit up the cold night's sky.   Hot food & beverages, donuts and candyfloss were the order of the night!


Shown above is one of four pairs of d&b audiotechnik E8 we spaced along the roadside. These speakers are seen wearing their new Austronet waterproof, acoustically transparent custom made jackets. All speakers stacks / stands were surrounded by high visibility traffic cones and barriers for health & safety.

The PA system was fully self contained, with us providing a 6kva diesel generator and distro, positioned behind the control van.   Our client commented on "how even the sound was right the way along the road" and that "you didn't notice when walking between one speaker source and the next" and finally thanked us for doing "an amazing job".