5K Fun Run - Warmup & Start Finish Line Outdoor PA Sound Hire

The Hackney Marshes Centre in East London, just a stones throw away from the 2012 Olympic complex, has hosted the London '5K Your Way' events for the past three years.   Participants gather from each of the Central London Boroughs, competing toward the title of 'Fittest Borough'.

On Wednesday 3rd July we returned to Hackney Marshes to provide an Outdoor PA System, covering several football pitches, where the participants gathered for warmup exercises in advance of the run.    Equipment used included pairs of d&b audiotechnik E8 loudspeakers mounted on heavy duty winch stands on twin forks, channel 38 UHF microphones - a handheld for the compere and a headset for the warmup trainer, processing by Soundcraft, Drawmer & Klark Teknik.

21 teams entered the event, in three categories - runners, joggers and walkers.   Awards were presented from the roof terrace following the event, where we set up a separate PA system providiing indoor coverage of the bar and outdoor coverage of the terrace.   2014 was our fifth year of providing services to this client. Pictured below is the fully self contained PA van, the generator is out of sight, also coned & barriered for health & safety, behind the vehicle. The physically small E8 speakers pack a huge punch and each pair covers a full 180deg. horizontal dispertion.