Indoor PA Sound Hire

We can provide a high quality indoor PA system for conferences, meetings, presentations, retail promotions etc. Anything from a small PA system with a microphone and a couple of speakers, to multi-location, multi-channel projects over a number of days.


Our inventory includes Channel 38-41 UHF radio microphone systems, operating in bandwidth licenced by Ofcom.

  • d&b audiotechnik sound systems
  • Extensive choice of microphones - lapels, handhelds, headsets & theatrical mics
  • Your chosen entry/exit music and soundbites for Awards - all cued perfectly on time
  • Recording
  • Press Feeds (XLR Broadcast Boxes), Telephone Balancing Units, etc.
  • Technical consultancy and management service
  • Health & Safety focussed personnel
  • Public liability insurance cover to £10m
  • All electrical equipment PAT tested annually

If you have any specific requirements which we haven't listed here, please get in touch as the chances are we've done it before and will be able to oblige.

We regularly provide indoor PA systems for events throughout the following counties: Bedfordshire (Beds), Berkshire (Berks), Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Dorset, East Sussex (E Sussex), Essex, Gloucestershire (Glos), Hampshire (Hants), Herefordshire, Hertfordshire (Herts), Kent, Leicestershire (Leics), London, Middlesex (Middx), Norfolk, Northamptonshire (Northants), Nottinghamshire (Notts), Oxfordshire (Oxon), Shropshire (Salop), Somerset, Staffordshire (Staffs), Suffolk, Surrey, Warwickshire (Warks), West Midlands (W Mids), West Sussex (W Sussex), Wiltshire (Wilts), Worcestershire (Worcs).

We provide indoor public address systems for events further afield when requested, including into mainland Europe.